2005 SXT Appleton WI

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Asking Price:

  • Last Updated: 1/26/19
  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Seller Type: Private Owner

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Car Information
Year: 2005
Model Trim: SXT
Miles: 193,000
Powertrain: 6 cylinders Auto
Asking Price: $5,000

Ad Specifics
Source: Craigslist
State: Wisconsin
City/Area: Appleton
Seller Type: Private Owner
Contact: No Longer Available

Message: Seeing what kind of interest I get here. Been looking for a new car off and on, but I have to sell this one first.

The good:
-Runs and drives great (3.5 v6).
-Very quiet (I just had the exhaust fixed).
-Interior is clean/no tears (I don’t eat in my car, and I don’t smoke)– There is a small “stain” in the backseat from where some soapy water leaked out of a pressure washer.
-Tires are near perfect (driver side rear is brand new because I got a flat at the beginning of March). —Very roomy car.

The bad:
-Check engine light comes on every so often; codes for O2 sensor and battery voltage (O2 sensor is bad because of the now fixed exhaust leak).
-Few spots of rust (Worst is on the tailgate just below the window, then there’s some bubbling under the gas door).
-Rear brakes need replacing soon.
-Front lower control arm needs replacing. It’s still solid, no danger of breaking, and the car doesn’t shake. It was slightly damaged in the beginning of winter when I slid into a curb in a parking lot (low speed).
-I currently have emergency lighting on the car, but I will be removing all of it if I sell the car. Therefore, there will be some holes. There are lights in the grille and on the front doors, otherwise all lights are mounted inside. All switches are hidden from view, but will also leave holes when removed. (This is what I consider to be the biggest turn off for this car. All parts with holes, with the exception of the doors, are cheap and easy to replace if so desired)
-The oil pan and rear pinion have seals/gaskets that are beginning to deteriorate. There are no oil spots on the ground, but there is some oil residue on the under side of both these spots. Not even enough to drip, but I’ve been keeping an eye on it.

That’s all of the known issues. Full disclosure, no BS here.

The annoying:
-The CD player (stock) is iffy sometimes. Most of the time it works perfect. But after so long (it seems after the engine reaches a certain temp for some reason) it starts to skip, and eventually wont read a disc.

I also have installed a partition behind the rear seat so I can keep the dog in the back.

The miles are getting up there, at 193,000. A majority of these are highway miles, and not put on by me. I’m the second owner. First owner was a dealership mechanic that drove an hour to and from work every day, also all highway.

I need to get $5000. It may seem high, but that’s what’s left on my loan and what needs to be paid if someone actually wants to own the car. This is a little under what the bank says the car is worth (I just had to refinance it a little while ago to get tires and replace a whole handful of front suspension parts).
I just talked to the bank today to find out how long it would take to get the title. I was told that if someone paid cash (not expected with a $5000 price), that I could pay off the loan the same day, and have the title in about 3 days. Otherwise I can wait for the title in the mail and I would be at least 10 days for the title.

Selling this car is not essential for me right now. As I said at the beginning of the ad, I’ve just been looking for a new car on and off. A new car would be easier to get if I didn’t have this car anymore. Just testing the waters right now, but if someone is interested enough we’ll see what we can do.

Picture in this ad was taken the day I got the car, but it’s apparently the only picture I have of the car.
Other pictures are the partition, and you can see some of the lights.

Contact email if interested. Can send more pics if requested.


Car Photos

2005 Appleton WI

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