2007 SXT Fairfield OH

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  • Last Updated: 1/25/19
  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Seller Type: Private Owner

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Car Information
Year: 2007
Model Trim: SXT
Miles: 65K
Powertrain: 6 Cyl Auto
Asking Price: $9,700

Ad Specifics
Source: Craigslist
State: Ohio
City/Area: Fairfield (Cincinnati)
Seller Type: Private Seller
Contact: No Longer Available

Message: I have a 2007 Dodge Magnum SXT 6 cyl. Wagon with just under 65,000 miles for sale. Runs well, with some minor cosmetic issues listed later. All windows are tinted except for the windshield – really helps with driving in the sun with no sunglasses on.
Car is very spacious, I’m a bigger guy and with the front seats moved all the way back, I still have room in the back seat between my knees and the front seat. Seats fold down for some serious storage space for a car including “hidden storage” below the trunk space. There is also a vinyl covering for the trunk so even if people try to look into the tinted windows, the covering will mask anything you don’t want others to see.
Makes for a good family car with 5 seats and ample amounts of space for young kids and full size adults and can haul a week’s worth of vacation suitcases. We also used it to move an oval dining table with six chairs from Cleveland with no issues in space.
My wife owned this car before we were married and used it for travel with her massage business but has since made a career change and we no longer need such a large vehicle and plan to downsize once this one sells.
Oil has been changed every 3-4k and has had normal repairs. Previous owner had an extended warranty on the car that we transferred to ourselves and expires in October this year. Not sure if it is worth it to transfer the warranty to your name because it set us back about $200, but could be beneficial if you don’t want to take a chance.

As with most cars, there are some scratches and dings. We have been in one fender bender, picture below shows the bump by the left headlight, space between hood and bumper is slightly smaller on left side (where the impact occurred) and the bottom of bumper plastic is broken – there are zip ties holding it together (so it doesn’t flap in the wind). We decided to not fix it because these issues don’t affect overall functionality of the vehicle – and our mechanic told us that, short of replacing the entire undercarriage cover and the bumper, that’s the best he could have done.
Another picture below shows a plastic piece in the driver’s side front wheel well that is missing it’s snaps to lock into the frame. This flaps a bit when driving on the highway around 70mph, but we didn’t notice it until we took it down to Tennessee and were driving above 70mph.
There is one dent on the passenger side back door below the window. Seems to be from a parking lot door ding, but we’re not entirely sure. Again, not affecting functionality.
Due to always being in the sun, some of the black has faded on the pieces lining the windshield – shown below – and some fading from hands always grabbing the driver’s door behind the window.
I found two small spots of what looks to be rust beginning to form above the passenger side rear wheel as well.
The passenger seat has a small spot from a spill, but we will try to get that out before selling.

Due to the excellent mechanical, but average cosmetic condition of the car, we personally rated it as “Good” on Kelley Blue Book, making it around $9500-$9700, but I’m willing to negotiate. Email me with any questions and serious inquiries or if you want to come take a look.


Car Photos

2007 Fairfield OH

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