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Site Mission

DodgeMagnumForSale.com is a North American classifieds featuring both classic and new Dodge Magnum nameplate automobiles.  This site features quality ads aggregated and reposted from popular online classifieds such as Craigslist, eBay and Autotrader along with listings posted directly here by sellers themselves.

The primary focus of this site is on ads listed by owner.  However from time to time we feature unique or special dealer offers.  We aim to provide a fairly even spread toward both new and classic magnums.  Although we tend to favor the classic models as they are rarer and harder to find.


Red 2007 Dodge Magnum


How to Use Dodge Magnum For Sale

This site has two major purposes.  First is to provide a single location for all Dodge Mangum ads across North America.  This is an asset for buyers as well as a resource for sellers to check current market value.  We also keep sold listings archived on this site.  The purposes of this is for record keeping purposes and to establish a rolling database of ads.

Secondly this site is a direct resource for sellers to list their classic or modern Magnum cars for sale.  See the “Sellers” section below with information as to how to list your Dodge Magnum for sale on this site.



It is likely that you have landed on this site because you are looking to purchase a used Dodge Magnum.  There are several ways to browse through this site and narrow your search results to find the exact Magnum you are looking for.  Listed below are the ways you can access this site.

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Please note that we keep both current and sold ads on this site as a reference point.  We update this site on a weekly basis and remove links to sold Magnums however if you are redirected to a dead link or ended listing it is likely the Dodge Magnum is sold.



If you are posting your Dodge Magnum for sale on Craigslist, eBay or AutoTrader; it is likely that we will pick up your ad and repost it to this site within a week or so.  However if you would like expedited service, please feel free to use our List Magnum For Sale page to post your ad directly to this site.


Website Disclaimer

Purpose of DodgeMagnumForSale.com

This website is designed to be the ultimate resource and guide online for buying and selling Dodge Magnums.  This site, its owners, advertisers or licensors are not directly involved in the physical sale of any vehicle.  This website is simply provided as a tool to facilitate buyers and sellers connecting for the transaction.

In addition, this website is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Chrysler or Dodge brands nor is it certified by Craigslist, eBay or other classifieds resources.  The use of trademarks and brand names is executed in accordance with the Fair Use clause of The Copyright Act of 1976.  As this site is educational in nature, use of this copyrighted material is covered under this clause.  All trademarks below to their respective owners.  Please view our DMCA Notice for more information about copyright and material presented on this website.

Limitations of DodgeMagnumForSale.com

This website does not provide any warranties including the timeliness of updates or continued operation.  The information presented here is not guaranteed to be complete, true, accurate or non-misleading.  DodgeMagnumForSale.com its owners, advertisers or licensors are not liable for any financial loss or other injuries in relation to the use of this website.  It is the responsibility of the buyer or seller to conduct their due diligence before conducting any financial transaction.  Please view our Legal Information for Terms of Use regarding this website.

In addition, DodgeMagnumForSale.com is not required to post every Magnum ad from other websites or listings posted directly.  DodgeMagnumForSale.com reserves the right to reject or refuse certain ads if they are not in good taste, do not meet the quality guidelines of this site or are not in the business interests of its owners, advertisers or licensors.