1978 XE Lancaster OH

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  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Seller Type: Private Owner

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Car Information
Year: 1978
Model Trim: XE
Miles: 77,752
Powertrain: 400 CID
Asking Price: $8,500

Ad Specifics
Source: Craigslist
State: Ohio
City/Area: Lancaster
Seller Type: Private Seller
Contact: No Longer Available

Message: The pictures pretty much tell the story. There is a small rust spot on one bumper guard (shown) and a small scratch (not a tear) on the passenger’s side of the front seat (also shown). The car has been driven occasionally to golf since the late 1980’s. I should keep it for my grandson as it will be quite valuable very soon, but I need a second car to drive and I need the spot it is occupying in my barn.
Google “1978 Dodge Magnum XE” for some very interesting history on this car–it was a factory representative’s demonstrator which I purchased new.
The things that make it special are: Electric split bench leather seats, Factory air (needs work), T tops, 400 cid engine, Factory aluminum wheels, 8-track tape player (needs work).
All of these items were upgrades, the 400 cid engine was especially rare.
This car was only manufactured 2 years and the 400 engine only made it into a few of the 1978’s.
The 400 was not an option in 1979.


Car Photos

1978 Lancaster OH

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