1978 XE Plover WI

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  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • Seller Type: Private Owner

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Car Information
Year: 1978
Model Trim: XE
Miles: 122,280
Powertrain: 727 Torqueflite Auto
Asking Price: $3,000

Ad Specifics
Source: Craigslist
State: Wisconsin
City/Area: Plover
Seller Type: Private Owner
Contact: No Longer Available

Message: Project Car that needs work to finish. I purchased this car in 1988 with the 440 already installed. The motor came out of a 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury. The hood had been cut out and carburetor wrapped to allow outside air into the engine. It had dual electric fans to cool the radiator, and the Cordoba steering column was in it when I bought it.

I then stored in 1992 and it sat until 1999, when my cousin went onto Moraine Park Tech for Auto Mechanics and did the following work on it: Motor was pulled, bored .030 over with the machine work done by Blakely in Fond du Lac and rebuilt by my cousin. I have the list of parts from the machine shop and the work they did to the block, crank, and components that I could discuss if you are interested.

Other items of the restoration at that time included: New Torque Converter, 727 Torqueflite transmission gone through, new transmission lines, Complete Front and Rear Brakes, Cooper Cobra Tires, Reconditioned radiator, new dual exhaust from headers back, Carter 750 competition carb, the 8 1/4 Rear end was rebuilt (Sure-Grip with 3.92 gears), plus other odds and ends.

From 2000 until 2008 the rebuild only saw about 5,000 miles while I gathered parts to complete the work. Items I picked up included a new front grill to replace the original that was cracked, new front turn signal lamps, a new tail light, new front chrome wheel moldings.

It has sat now since 2008, only being started up a couple times a year to run the motor or move the vehicle. I started some body work, but now have ran out of time to complete the project and have other priorities. The pictures are current from the past year and I tried to get pics from different angles and tried to show its true condition.

Dash pad has cracks, power windows are stiff to go up and down, windshield wiper arm brackets let loose last fall, and headlight door windows do not open automatically anymore. The car was equipped with rear defrost, cruise control, 110amp police alternator, power windows, and chrome trim dress-up package.

Currently the engine is blowing smoke out the exhaust. Having not ran it much since original rebuild especially in the past few years I believe the valve stem seals are bad allowing oil to leak past and need to be replaced. One of the headers has a small crack near a weld on the flange.

I am not interested in any trades…just offers.

If interested or want more information reply to this add and I’ll try to get back to you promptly (couple of days at most if I’m busy).


Car Photos

1978 Plover WI

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